Internal Network Services

M2 Connections offers a TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTION for your communication infrastructure.

Your IT infrastructure is what keeps your business running. Design and installation are critical for functionality and efficiency, so don’t waste time and money on cut rate equipment and handiwork. M2 Connections can provide your business with a comprehensive design and quality installation of your infrastructure that exceeds industry standards.


LAN Design

We’ll identify every item in your office that needs network access. We will then build a design that best suits your business' needs. Once complete, we’ll leave you with a document that includes detailed cabling diagrams, IP LAN/WAN engineering,and equipment recommendations.

LAN Installation

We believe your physical network should be neat, clean, and ordered to ensure maximum efficiency. We’ll perform quality installation of your design using equipment from the top industry leaders. All cables are labeled clearly and all slack is safely stored away. Our LAN Installation is often coupled with our Design Package.

Network Cleaning

If your previous contractor left your IT room in disarray, we’ll come clean it for you. Much in the same vein as our Installation service, we’ll make sure every cable is labeled and stored properly. We’ll even create a network diagram and design package, so if there’s ever an emergency, you’ll have a detailed document to reference during the restoration process.